Have You Ever Wanted To Love Something, But Didn’t?


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For years I’ve had friends carry on about their Chai tea and how great it is. I’m just a simple tea girl when I drink tea, so I’ve never tried it. I finally broke down and tried Chai when I found it in K-Cups. (I love my Keurig!)


The brand is Twinings. The brand has been around awhile. It’s not an “off” brand so I felt pretty confident that if I were going to like it, I would like this one.

IMG_1404When  opened the box and made the first cup, I immediately smelled cinnamon. That’s a good sign, right? I added a little stevia sweetener to the first cup and . . . tried to drink it. I got about half of it down.


But I’m not one to give up. For the second cup, I added a (very) generous splash of my Vanilla flavored coffee creamer. After my first sip, I was thinking, “This is something I could learn to enjoy.”


That was the first sip. Then there second, the third, etc. And the more I drank it, the more I smelled . . . something. I think it was the cardamon. (But isn’t that a town in Wales?) Whatever it was, it was the smell. I poured the rest of the cup of tea into my travel mug for coffee – with a lid. That was it. As long as I didn’t get a strong whiff of whatever it was, I loved the taste!

I think I’ll eventually get used to the smell. Until, then, though, Chai in a travel mug for me!