Today is better. A little. Less pain. Less swelling. Still feel sick. Queasy. Nauseous. I want to get up and do something. But I really don’t feel up to it. Maybe later.

I had hoped I could get in some serious knitting on my Pretty Maids shawl, but that hasn’t happened. It just takes too much focus and I’m all out.

I think I’ll be going to work tomorrow. Still not myself, but I’ve got to start somewhere. I have my resume and cover letter for my resume ready to turn in tomorrow. I hope my assistant store manager is ready to schedule an interview.

While I’ve been fighting (and losing the battle of) the toothache, I’ve been doing a lot of listening to audiobooks. I’m almost finished with the third book of The Song Of Ice And Fire series (Game of Thrones books). I think I would have given up on them of it weren’t for the Dragons. I can’t wait to hear about them. I’ll need to download the next one tonight or tomorrow. I’ve increased the playback speed to 1.25X so it’s moving a little faster than the first couple of books.

I’m writing this on my LG Optimus Prime phone using the Swype feature. I love using it, it’s easy to miss words that need to be corrected manually. Please forgive my typos.

Also, I’m writing this a little at a time throughout the day. That makes it not so smooth sounding. Just pretend a couple of hours have passed between each paragraph.