I’ve been back to work this week. I still feel like I’m sick and getting over it slowly. Work has been strange but good. I was given my responsibilities and then allowed to do them. It’s really nice to be treated respectfully. Not that I have been treated disrespectfully here. But I have in other jobs. With all the changes that have taken place at work, my position and role has changed. It’s been nice this week. I hope it lasts.

I interviewed yesterday for a supervisor position. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I really want the position. I’m having trouble picturing myself at my job if I don’t get it. All I can see of my future is me in the new job. I’ll take that as a good sign.

Early Morning at Trap Pond

This is a photo taken years ago that I love. Love. I loved the morning I took the photograph. I loved Trap Pond. I love Dear Husband who took me there.