Excerpt from a story by The Media Desk:

I still don’t know how to report the robbery we investigated at the Southtown bank. Was it one robbery or two? An inside job from the beginning or a very well planned, no, a very well scripted, job by professionals.
It happened like this.

Wednesday morning I got a call at the police station that the bank had just been robbed. A man had walked in and demanded the cash in the teller’s drawers in small bundles. They had complied without argument. He was gone in minutes with no weapon ever being displayed. The dye pack went off in one bundle. He dropped it and ran off with the others.
We were on the scene in minutes, but the suspect was long gone.
As we got statements and checked the security tapes, the local FBI field Agent and two bank examiners came in. They spoke to the branch manager and began to do their job determining how much had been taken and look for clues.
During the course of the investigation a count of the cash on hand was conducted.
I was relegated to duty at the front door telling customers the bank was closed for right now, but should be open again shortly.
The FBI left and came back. One of the bank examiners stepped out and returned. Other officials arrived and left as their duties dictated.
Finally the bank manager said she was opening the drive up and for me to point the customers that way.
The bank opened for regular services that afternoon.

(more at http://www.themediadesk.com/files3/robbery.htm )