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Race Weekend in Dover is coming up. Just a few more days. It gets kind of crazy around here. Unlike many other NASCAR track locations, Dover Speedway is locate in town. In town, as in behind Home Depot, ACME, Toys-R-Us, the Chinese restaurant, and a few more stores, and next to the Dover Mall. Those are to the West and North of the track. To the South is a large parking field. And us. Yes. Residential, subdivision houses, homes, families, children, and pets.

The first thing you notice when you leave home during the week before Race Weekend is increased traffic and the many promotional signs welcoming NASCAR and the fans. There are already RV’s and campers in the track campground area and a few others are scattered throughout town.  As the week progresses, the traffic becomes even heavier and the stores are a little more busy. And courtesies become more rare. You may want to leave a few minutes earlier to get where you’re going. And you might want to practice holding your tongue. Most of the fans are great guests. Some aren’t. Some of the citizens are great. Most, . . . . well. I have know some great people in Dover.

By Thursday evening, Race Weekend is in full swing. The hotels are full. The streets and highways are crowded and the stores, particularly the ACME grocery store, is crowded with locals getting ready to hunker down and fans stocking on tailgating needs and junk food. The liquor stores are doing a booming business.


We don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. If we do, we make sure it’s very early, or very late. Unless we’re walking. We do like to get out and walk over to the vendor area to look around. It’s a carnival-like atmosphere. This photograph was taken on one of those walks. It must have been the September race since this is a late summer flower. We chatted for a few minutes with one of our neighbors. We watched the traffic and enjoyed the beautiful mild weather. But when it was time for the race, we were nice and comfy at home.