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It’s a sad day in my world. Yesterday, the husband of a friend and coworker died. He had been suffering from chronic pain for the past few years and had just recently been diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife had gone from doctor to doctor, trying to find an answer. With each appointment, hope rose and then was dashed. And then, there was little hope. But my friend continued to show us the face of hope. She didn’t want our pity. She wanted things to be like it was before the pain. She wanted a long future with her husband. She wanted joy and adventures and mysteries. She wanted to argue with him when she was angry and to laugh with him when she wasn’t. She wanted to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. She wanted life with her husband. 

My thoughts and prayers are with my friend. My request from you is that you pray with me that I will be the friend to her that she needs at this time.