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Yep, just one of those days. I don’t go in to work till 2, which is nice. Gives me time to do laundry this morning. Yesterday my new supervisor asked if I could work till 11 tonight instead of 10. Whatever. Sure. Another hour’s pay, right? I have to go in at 10 AM tomorrow, but who needs sleep or rest? There will be time for that later. The weekend. That’s what that’s for. When I got home from work yesterday, my husband reminded me that I have an 8 AM eye exam tomorrow, too. OK. I can do this. Just keep refilling my coffee cup. I’m still not sure what arrangements have been made for my friend’s husband’s funeral. Waiting to hear about that. And I’m waiting to hear when the next interview for a job applied for will be scheduled. Waiting. And doing laundry. It’s one of those days.