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I just finished three long days and am more ready for my weekend than you can imagine. I worked Monday and Tuesday as usual. Then came Wednesday. It started with a 7 AM dentist appointment and then working till 6 PM.  On Thursday I didn’t go in till 2 PM so I had time to do laundry in the morning. And then I worked till 11:30 PM. Not too bad, right? Well, it would have all been good, but then I had an 8 AM optometrist appointment and work till 3:30 PM.  All was well till about 2:30. I absolutely ran out of steam. I got the through the last hour, clocked out, and shopped for a few things I want to get in the mail to grandkids. When I got home, my husband had dinner and cup of my special decaf coffee ready for me.

I went to bed early, so even though I woke up several times, I managed to get enough sleep to get up and get started this morning. We make a quick trip to a couple of stores and got home early. It’s race weekend, so none of the locals want to be on the streets in the afternoon.

I’m really glad I was able to get up this morning and get started on my day. I really wanted to enjoy the weekend and not sleep it away. I’m sipping on my second cup of ‘real’ coffee and putting my feet up for a bit (waiting for the Aleve to kick in) before heading to the craft room. I have several paintings I want to work on. I’m not sure which one I want to start on first. I’m going to use some of my art photographs that I really like and see what I can with them with oils and canvas.

The photo for today? This my gift to everyone who as worked hard this week, whether at a job outside the home, working at home for yourself or someone else, or (and especially for) those who work full time, 24/7, caring for you families.