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I have lilies this year. For the first time ever, I have lilies. I have lilies because one of my friends shared her lilies when she divided them. She’s also a coworker. And she shares. With me.

When I started working outside the home again a year and half ago, I wasn’t expecting lilies. I wasn’t expecting sharing. I wasn’t expecting friends. I just knew I needed to be out of the house, around other people. Working from home had been great. I met a lot of people online, many of whom are now colleagues in the art and crafting world. Some of these people have become dear, close friends like my friend Darcy in Arkansas. But friends. No, I didn’t really expect that.

When I moved to Delaware, I inherited my husband’s friends. I made a few friends while I was teaching. But when I left that job, I realized that many of them were really just coworkers and acquaintances. I don’t want that to happen when I leave this job. (I’m not planning to anytime soon, but some day, I will leave, or they will.) I want to continue to stay in touch and share.

You could look at the photograph of the lily and get all philosophical about it. I’ll leave that up to you. Draw you own conclusions. Make your own statements. Me? I’m going to enjoy the lilies. And my friends.