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A long week is behind me. I had two days off this week, Friday and today. I had an appointment Friday morning and things to do Friday afternoon, so it wasn’t really like a day off. It wasn’t a bad day, just a busy day. Yesterday was a work day. During my lunch break, I went to the funeral viewing of my friend’s husband.  Today started with breakfast with our daughter and her boyfriend and then a ‘walk-through’ of the house they are buying. All in all, it just made for a very long week.

This afternoon I was able to take a long nap and then just relax with my feet up. It is my hope that this is taste of what’s to come for the coming week.  I don’t expect that to be, however. The closing on the house is tomorrow, so part of the week will probably be spent helping my daughter and her boyfriend move. The other thing that will keep me from relaxing is the hope of job interview this week and then a job offer. I have been waiting for this since last fall when I learned the position’s former holder was going to retire. He retired at the end of March and now it’s the middle of June and I’m still waiting. I’m tired of waiting and I’m ready to start.

Today’s photo is a painting that I did several months ago when my husband and I were camping. It’s a small painting and didn’t take long. One day, I’ll repaint a larger version and take a little more time with it. The bottom photo is a close up showing the brush stroke details.