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Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel when I go to an event like this. Fair Food. Carnival Food. Whatever you want to call it. It’s always best if it fried and covered with cheese. Or a cheese type product.  Or mustard. Mustard is good with Fair Food.

Actually, we didn’t eat anything at Dover Days, always held on the first weekend of May. We walked and looked and looked and walked. We went to the places and saw the things. We talked to the couple that had the early, gasoline powered washing machine. We talked to the financial advisor about books. We talked to the ladies spinning and the gentleman selling homemade laundry soap. We asked the gentleman from Fifer Orchard’s about getting strawberries for making jam. And we got some fresh strawberries for a strawberry omelet the next morning.

This was a good Dover Days. It was bigger than it had been the last few times we went. It was what I expected Dover Days to be. Yes, there was a lot more of it than just Carnival Food. But the Carnival Food photos are fun. That’s what today’s post is dedicated to. The sights and smells that sear these moments into our memories.