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Excerpt from article by The Media Desk:

“I didn’t know you could do that with cake.”

-quoted from event observer

The Special Olympics was founded through the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Anne Marie McGlone Burk, in memory of Rose Marie Kennedy who had a mental impairment, which, in the 1940’s was treated with new progressive medical procedures which are now (correctly) regarded as barbaric, and which resulted in permanent severe disability for the rest of her life.
In 2011 during the “Polar Bear Plunge” weekend, the Special Olympic organization in Delaware had a “cake off” with the eventual winner of a “manipulated-situation scripted-reality comedy-show”, or at least that’s how one of the other contestants, Jay Qualls of Nashville, put it. There is no need to go into the name of the show or its network here. Winning the ‘TV reality-show competition’ made Dana Herbert of Bear, Delaware, enough of a celebrity for him to headline the event again this year.
And that’s the background. Links to the various Special Olympics entities are below.

Five of the contestants from season one of the TV show, several of whom were at the first ‘cake off’ event, and two from season two, came in for the 2012 renewal of the contest.
One of the things that was immediately apparent was that any real sense of competition between the two teams was more wishful thinking than reality. Which was also the sense you got as you listened to them talk about the ‘reality’ show they had all been on. The drama, if that is even the correct word for it, was as manufactured as the large blocks of ‘rice cereal treats’ used to construct the various features sculpted for the presentation cakes made for the event. These people were all friends, and it showed.

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