I can so relate to this! This is how I feel about quilting.

Cyd Madsen

Oh-so much has been written about writer’s block that a person would think it’s an old disease, like Freud’s hysteria, that’s long been cured.  Um, not so much.  Writers are still talking about it and swimming in the deep end of that dark pool.

I guess it goes with the territory.

Or maybe we’ve made it out to be more than it is.  How can we be blocked if we really enjoy what we’re doing, even if it doesn’t pay the bills?  Chocolate doesn’t pay my bills, I enjoy it, and there’s nothing blocking me from having at it on a daily basis.  Ditto with reading and sex and even paying bills (warned you I was odd).  Sure, money’s flying out the door when I pay bills, but it makes me feel grown up and responsible.  Nothing blocks me from going after those goodies.

So why did I wake up…

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