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Well, no park. It would have been just too hot for that today if there were an Arts in the Park event nearby and I was inspired to participate – which I seriously doubt I would have been. So, maybe I should have titled this “Art in the Craftroom.” But that’s no fun, since the art is what the craftroom was designed for.

Today I worked on a painting for the cover of a new book by my husband. I’m not sure what the title of the book will be. “Clovis” is the working title. This book may become a free ebook. I’m also thinking that blog give-away of a print of the finished painting.

I really do enjoy painting cover images for my husband’s books. Sometimes I think I miss the mark. But I really think it’s better not to reveal too much of the story in the cover. Otherwise, why bother to read it? I would much rather that the cover suggest a theme or scene or setting in the book. That’s what most of my art is about. It is a suggestion of what was or is or could be rather than a duplicate. Photographs are great for recording all the details of a moment. I want my painting to allow the viewer to see in my work what is in their heart.

Eventually, I will take better photos of the entire finished painting. I’m not sure yet if I’m finished with it. But here are a few preview shots.