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I’ve been editing this book this weekend. The author, Lewis Levite, and I can’t agree on a title. Until we do, here’s just a little taste of what’s to come. 

Bo and Sammi

The Mid-Atlantic, USA

Me and my family did not survive the end of humanity through any great wisdom or insight. We didn’t see it coming and flee, we didn’t get a warning from an angel or anything like that. We got lucky, that’s all it was. We had been camping in the mountains and had gone to see the old Paw Paw tunnel, and to see some more early fall colors on our way home. You know, one last family vacation before the kids were too old to want to do something like that with their parents. Then we were cooking lunch in the picnic area next to the parking lot, and our world, our civilization, came to an end.

Our son had been listening to a Pittsburgh radio station when all of the sudden he started telling us about how the city was under attack.

“No, it’s real!” he said and handed me one of his ear buds.

I listened for a minute while the DJ talked very excitedly about explosions and warnings. Then the radio went dead.

That’s when I took out my cell phone and told it that I was OK with the roaming fee to check the headlines on the Internet.

I only had a bar and a half of signal, but it was enough to see the news that the USA was being attacked by an unknown power and several major cities had been bombed.

I switched the screen to bring up our home town newspaper’s homepage almost on instinct. It took a minute for it to load, then when it did, it gave me chills. The lead headline, a possible attack on Washington DC. The second was about an explosion in downtown Pittsburgh. I had started to read something else about Los Angeles when it lost the feed even though it was still connected to the cell tower.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said to my wife.


Lewis is a fantastic writer. His work is interesting and is easy to read. He knows how to tell a tale. But (And you knew that ‘But’ was coming, didn’t you!) the mechanics – punctuation, sentence structure – sometimes leaves something to be desired. That’s what I’m working on. I’m trying really hard not to correct anything that will change the tone of the story. But I know from personal experience that improper punctuation and run on sentences can be a big distraction to some people. My goal is to cut down on the distractions.

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