For the past few weeks, all I’ve had time to do is look at other people’s work and dream about when I’ll be creative again. Until then, please enjoy this Pinterest Success post from Chrissy.

The Life of a Chrissy

First, if you are not doing Pinterest, you need to start. It is amazing! Especially if you are into arts and crafts because sometimes you have an idea but you just need a boost. Or more often, you didn’t know such ideas existed and usually they are awesome and you already have all the supplies. Anyway, I saw this yesterday and I love it.

It doesn’t describe me exactly because I have made a TON of stuff I’ve seen on there, but it still works because I think we are a small group…people that actually use Pinterest for ideas to use. So, I saw some cool things recently and like I said above, sometimes you already have all the supplies. I did! So here goes.

I love to paint. Duh. And I’ve tried painting on glass with just regular acrylic paint and it works, but it doesn’t stay on if…

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