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Warning: Rant ahead!

Earlier today I read a post either in my timeline on FaceBook or on Twitter, I can’t remember which, begging America to re-elect the President. It was from someone in England.

The next paragraph is directed to all my international friends who want to tell my how to vote:

Now. You have screwed up your country beyond repair with your voting habits and need the US to save you. You are pretty arrogant and ignorant to think what you say will have any bearing on how I vote. If anything, I will vote against your US candidate of choice. Your country is screwed up and you want ours to be just as screwed up? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

I may take your advice on yarn or a knitting pattern. I may listen to your advice when you recommend a photography equipment or settings for stock photos. But, uh, no. You just sound plain silly when you start asking me to vote for your candidate of choice. And no, I won’t be seeing your future recommendations. I don’t have time for that kind of foolishness.