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Now, I just want to get through them. I want to love them again. I want to have the big dinners and lots of people and laughing and telling old stories. Watching the old movies and the parades and football games. The planning and the decorating. All of it.

This year we planned Thanksgiving at our house. Just us, the two girls and their boyfriends/family/whatever they are at this point. Plans were going fine till we discovered we had to do a carpet removing/laminate floor installing project. That just kind of threw both of us for a loop. Now I just want it to be over.

And Christmas, too. I haven’t started Christmas shopping. Well, just a couple of things. I think the rest of the shopping will consist gift cards and cash. The decorations? I don’t know. I want to put up a tree. And garland. And nativities.  And snow globes. But then I’ll have to put it all away, right?

Maybe I can just pretend that Christmas is next week and keep the tree and decorations up and keep baking cookies and let it be Christmas all year. No, I don’t think that would work either.

No, I’ll get through Thanksgiving. And then I’ll get through Christmas. And I’m going to start planning now for the holidays next year.  Maybe a long vacation.