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On New Year’s Eve I had a brilliant idea. I wanted to get involved in a challenge. But Photo-A-Day didn’t sound like much fun. I thought maybe Stamp-N-Scrap would be a good idea. I really do want to stamp and scrap much more this year. But I want to rebuild my photography business and grow my stock portfolio, too. And I thought about all my other crafts that I will be working on. And I thought about my friends and everything they do. That’s where Create365 was born.

I started a Facebook group: Create365 and invited everyone I know to join. It’s not too late to join. It will never be too late to join. Simply join the group (it takes a little time for someone to approve it, but everyone is approved) and then introduce yourself and state your goals for the year.

Here are my first three creations:


Very sad, pathetic looking photograph of a very spoiled and pampered puppy.


This began as a photograph, was blurred, color changed, painted with brushes, and heavily filtered.


This also began as a photograph, adjustments made, and filters applied.

probably won’t be posting every creation, but you will see many of them here. Enjoy!