Songs from the Past

These are a few posts from previous blogs that I wanted to share with you here. You can read more at Teresa’s Desk.


(I had plans for a series of these videos, but most of them ended up on Facebook instead of the blog.)

August 5, 2010

Cloud Chasers

Some of you may have seen a couple of my Cloud Chaser videos. Two were small enough they could be uploaded from my phone. The rest of the files were a little too large and had to wait till I was home. Now I’m home and getting caught up on life. I thought I would share these with you now, in chronological order.

I’ve been talking about a “Cloud Chasers” program for a long time. Look for more of these in the future as I travel and as interesting weather phenomena affect the clouds above me.


April 20, 2009

I Lost My Best Friend in Delaware

I got the call Saturday morning. My husband answered the phone and stood next to me as Janice told me that Julie passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Julie had knee surgery on Monday and apparently there were complications that arose after being home for several days.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting more about this later. I miss her. I hurt. But I know she was at a point at her life that things were good in her life. I don’t think I could stand it if she died when then things were difficult.

After years of working under a principal that made everyone’s life miserable, she was working with a principal that she liked, one that liked her and appreciated her work and Julie’s talent, one that tried to make the school a better place for everyone – including the faculty and staff.

Julie’s daughter struggled at school last year with a teacher that didn’t understand her physical challenges and personality. Julie went on a quest to find the answers and the help to make her daughter’s educational experience the best possible – to increase her academic success by addressing the challenges and by working with the teacher to insure she understood her daughter’s needs. Julie’s daughter was put on medication and behavioral therapy to address her attention deficit disorder. She began vision therapy to improve her visual perception and strengthen the eye muscles. The teacher this year saw her daughter’s abilities and talent. She stayed in close contact with Julie about her daughter’s progress and what was going on in the classroom. Julie was not only extremely proud of her daughter, who was now able to bloom into all she can be, but she was appreciative to all who played a part in helping her daughter along the way.

Julie loved her husband and knew she was loved by him. As it should be. It’s normal for husbands to come up in conversation when women get together. And often, something negative about them will come up – usually something little that is just driving the wife nuts at the moment. And for the most part, we know that the woman is just letting off a little steam and there’s not really anything wrong in the marriage. This happened with Julie, as well. But the last time I was with Julie, it didn’t. We rode to Christiana for a scrapbook weekend, shared a room while we were there, and then rode back again. Though Julie did talk about her husband during the weekend, it was all positive. Julie was very happy with marriage and her husband.

I don’t know if I’ll post about Julie again. Not specifically, anyway. But she will always be in my heart as I post.

Julie was the one who got me started knitting again. She’s the one who introduced me to ‘the good stuff’ and to spinning. She went with me to the “Spinning the Bunny” demonstration when I fell in love with angora rabbits. She’s the one who knew how to make a podcast and was going to be my helpline when I start mine.

Julie introduced me to stamping and scrapbooking and Stampin’ Up! and Creative Memories and has been with me as I’ve traveled down this path of paper arts. I still have the first card she gave me. It was for my marriage to Lewis. She used a hummingbird stamp and tore the corner of the cardstock to give the front a little visual interest. It was stamped in blue on white cardstock and that was layered on Ballet Blue cardstock. I loved it. And kept thinking, “I can tear paper!” That was pretty much it for me.

I could go on and on about all the little things (and bigger) that she did for me. But she was my friend and that’s what friends do.


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