Gluten Free Survival Guide

Bits of info, tips, links, encouragement. More to come.

*GF = Gluten Free*

My Story:

I am ‘Gluten Intollerant’. I have a reaction to gluten. In addition to the stomach cramps and diarrhea, I will break out with cyst-like acne (or acne-like cysts) in odd places – along my hairline or on my neck – and my face, as well. My pain and fatigue are worse. I just don’t feel like myself. But I don’t have the instant reaction of someone diagnosed with Celiac. We could get into a big discussion about the differences and validity of tests and evaluations. All I know is, if you’re physician says you don’t have Celiac disease, but you think you do, do you own evaluation. Eat Gluten Free for a minimum of 3 weeks. That will give your body a chance to start healing and for you to see a difference. Most people who are gluten intolerant will see a difference in the first week.

Cooking Gluten Free:

With the right GF mix, cakes and cookies are the easiest to make tasty and delicious with the right texture. Bread is the most challenging. Pie crusts never work for me, but they never work for me with wheat flour, either, so I’m not the one to ask.

Gluten Free Flour Mixes:

Gluten Free Pantry:  I think this is the best mix for making bread. I haven’t used it for cakes, cookies, or pasta yet. I have the Amazon Prime account and get free shipping, which makes this a great price for GF.

Domata Gluten Free: This is available at Byler’s (Dover, DE). It’s great for cakes, cookies, and pasta. (By the way, home made pasta takes time and a bit of effort, but with a pasta rolling machine, it’s simple and delicious ) I prefer Gluten Free Pantry for bread.

Eating Gluten Free:

I can occasionally have a Subway sandwich on whole wheat bread with no obvious consequences. But I only do this if I have been GF for a week or so before. Other breads will cause a severe, almost instant (within 30 minutes) reaction.

A lot of people like my GF baked goods and hope to one day soon live somewhere that I can sell baked goods prepared in my home kitchen. When that day comes, I will have a Gluten Free Kitchen.


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